enciclopédia livre II

Uma das grandes vantagens de a Wikipedia ser uma enciclopédia livre é que qualquer um pode criar um projecto alternativo sem precisar de começar zero. A licença GNU FDL permite a cópia e a produção de trabalhos derivados. Quem não gosta da ausência de controlo editorial por experts da Wikipedia pode sempre recorrer a projectos mais elitistas:

A Scholarpedia:

Scholarpedia feels and looks like Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Indeed, both are powered by the same program - MediaWiki. Both allow visitors to review and modify articles simply by clicking on the edit this article link.

However, Scholarpedia differs from Wikipedia in some very important ways:

  • Each article is written by an expert (invited or elected by the public).
  • Each article is anonymously peer reviewed to ensure accurate and reliable information.
  • Each article has a curator - typically its author -- who is responsible for its content.
  • Any modification of the article needs to be approved by the curator before it appears in the final, approved version.

O Citizendium:

The Citizendium (sit-ih-ZEN-dee-um), a "citizens' compendium of everything," is an open wiki project aimed at creating an enormous, free, and reliable encyclopedia. The project, started by a founder of Wikipedia, aims to improve on the Wikipedia model by adding "gentle expert oversight" and requiring contributors to use their real names.

E há também projectos mais facciosos ou mais divertidos.