A vida como causa de esquerda

A esquerda pró-vida é contra o aborto porque, entre outras razões, o aborto é um instrumento de opressão de uma sociedade patriarcal hostil à mulher e a tudo o que lhe diz respeito.

Progressive pro-lifers
There is, however, another reason pro-life progressives reject the mother's rights vs. fetal rights framework. We believe that it represents a false dichotomy, imposed by a patriarchal society in which the public sphere has been traditionally reserved for men, who of course do not bear children. The result is that our public institutions, such as schools and the workplace, are hostile to the needs of children and those who bear them. In addition, the sexual double standard works to punish women, but not men, for having sex when they're not "supposed" to. Therefore, single mothers face much more censure, official and unofficial, than single fathers. We believe that abortion, rather than freeing women from this oppressive structure, helps maintain it by altering women to fit the patriarchy rather than altering (or outright tearing down) the patriarchy to build a society more responsive to women's needs.