Kerry: "Compaixão" com o dinheiro dos outros

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Um interressante artigo sobre Kerry, datado de 1996, altura em que o Sen. John Kerry e o Gov. William Weld disputavam um lugar no Senado:

Kerry's charity gap

"Like many Democrats, Kerry excels at compassion rhetoric. His campaign
literature abounds with references to all the good causes he supports:
assistance for the elderly, jobs for at-risk teen-agers, treatment for sick
veterans, aid to struggling fishermen, even baseball for handicapped kids. When
he formally announced for reelection last month, he described the campaign as a
clash between those who advocate «turning against each other and those who
still believe we can triumph by turning to each other.»


One measure of a man's character is the way he spends his money. Since Kerry
and Weld both make a practice of releasing their tax returns, it is possible
for us to draw some conclusions about each man's personal financial priorities.

Last year, Weld (and his wife) reported adjusted gross income of $110,418. Of
that total, the Welds gave $24,010 -- almost 22 percent -- to charity. They
gave to the United Way and the Episcopal Church, to Rosie's Place and Globe
Santa, to Harvard College and Mt. Auburn Hospital, to Catholic Charities and
the Keene Valley Library, to the Salvation Army and the Special Olympics. All
told, they contributed to nearly three dozen charitable institutions great and

Kerry's income in 1995 was somewhat higher than Weld's -- $126,179. But the
amount he reported giving to charity was considerably lower. He didn't give
anything. Zero dollars, zero cents.

Zero compassion?"