Países com notícias limpas.

«CUBA: The government organizes demonstrations known as "repudiation acts" outside the homes of independent journalists. Government supporters congregate around the homes, intimidate those inside and prevent them from leaving or receiving visitors.

LÍBIA: In 1977, Qaddafi laid out his ideas for Libya’s cultural revolution in The Green Book. On the press he wrote, “The press is a means of expression for society: it is not a means of expression for private individuals or corporate bodies. Therefore, logically and democratically, it should not belong to either one of them.”

BIELORÚSSIA: More than two dozen domestic and foreign journalists were jailed during the tumultuous presidential campaign, most while covering antigovernment rallies staged after the vote. Reporters were often charged with “hooliganism” for being at the rallies.»

Em todos estes países os ministros não conseguiram conviver com as queixas dos seus amigos. Aqui não há notícias de 'sarjeta' e, em Portugal, também não haverá se Santos Silva conseguir o que quer.