Tap Dance

Um excelente vídeo/montagem que explora o seguinte conceito:###

«Concept: This was basically an experiment. I realize that Michael
Jackson "borrowed" from Fred Astaire and Justin Timberlake "borrowed"
from Michael Jackson. Thus, what would happen if Fred Astaire danced
to Justin Timberlake music? Heres my attempt at finding out and
bridging a 60 year gap.

Starring: Fred Astaire
Clips from:
-"You're All the World to Me" from "Royal Wedding" (1951)
-"Putting on the Ritz" from "Blue Skies" (1946)

Music: Justin Timberlake - "Sexyback" (FutureSex/LoveSounds) (2006)

Note: After finishing it I observed that the video reminded me a bit
of Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" video that starred Christopher

O autor da peça e texto é Nedyken