Os Três Modelos Suecos

Vale bem a pena ler hoje, no Público, o artigo "Os 3 Modelos Suecos", da autoria do professor Assar Lindbeck, para ajudar a desfazer alguns estranhos mitos sobre o milagre sueco. Como o artigo do Público não está on-line, aqui fica o link para a versão em inglês, no Project Syndicate.

Começa assim: ###

Sweden’s economic and social system, sometimes called the “Swedish Model,” is often depicted either as an ideal or an abnormality. But Sweden’s system has varied considerably. In fact, broadly speaking there have been three different Swedish “models” since the late nineteenth century.

The first model lasted from about 1870 until the 1960’s. During this “liberal” period, the government basically provided stable market-supporting legislation, education, health care, and infrastructure. As late as 1960, both total government spending (as a share of GDP) and the distribution of earnings were similar to those prevailing in the United States. During this century-long period, Sweden moved from being one of the poorest western countries to being the third richest country in terms of GDP per capita. In other words, Sweden became a rich country before its highly generous welfare-state arrangements were created.