Raposas e totalitarismo

(via LRC)

Taki sobre a proibição da caça à raposa e o ataque às liberdades no Reino Unido:

I do not hunt or shoot, but the ban is as illegitimate as it gets. Which is why fishing and shooting and polo and boxing and booze and smoking and all sorts of other pleasures will definitely be next. Perhaps not in our lifetime, but they are next, and remember who told you so first. (I shall be practising karate -also on the endangered list - in that dojo you-know-where.)

At a dinner in honour of Lady Thatcher, given by Robin Birley and his mother Annabel Goldsmith, some of us had the opportunity to bring up immigration and how Labour is lying its head off about the millions who have settled here illegally and the way they're still pouring in. Lady T. did not voice an opinion because she is strict about criticising the government at chic dinner parties. If only those who were so against her did the same when they were out of power. I told her that if I were poor I would be BNP, and she did not like it at all. Veritas odium parit. Now I read that if one is a member of the BNP one cannot hold a Civil Service job, which smacks, after all, of what the Germans decreed about the Jews back in the Thirties. Slowly but surely we'll get there.