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O texto de Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., "The Republicans and their Doomed Ideology".
No dia seguinte após a minha reacção contra o esforço da velha direita conservadora lusa em se travestir de liberal, o diagnóstico sobre a direita conservadora norte-americana, através de caminhos diferentes, não parece alcançar conclusões muito distintas. Curiosamente.
Um breve excerto: «But these days we see all around us how liberty generates order and how this order is self-sustaining. We live in private communities. We see the glorious world of the web. We benefit daily, hourly, minute-by-minute, from an order that is not imposed from without but rather generated from within, by that remarkable capacity we have for pursuing self-interest while benefiting the whole. Here are the great mystery and majesty of social order, expressed so well in the act of economic exchange.
Republicans by contrast live intellectually in a world long past, a world of warring states and societies made up of fixed classes that fought over ever-dwindling resources, a world unleavened by enterprise and individual initiative. They imagine themselves to be the class of rulers, the aristocrats, the philosopher kings, the high clerics, the landowners, and to keep that power, they gladly fuel the basest of human instincts: nationalism, jingoism, and hate. Keeping them at bay means keeping the world of their imaginations at bay, and that is a very good and important thing for the sake of civilization