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Long Bets

By 2020, bioterror or bioerror will lead to one million casualties in a single event.

That by 2024 "artificial" life emerging somewhere out of the soup of human technology will be given a Latin taxonomic name by biologists and others and declared viable for study.

As of March 7th, 2005, Osama bin Laden is dead.

The Foresight Exchange Prediction Market

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the wife of former United States president William Jefferson Clinton, currently a senator for New York state, will be president ON OR BEFORE 2009-02-01 (after the inauguration for the 2008 election is scheduled).

Before January 21, 2009, the United States attacks Iran.

Iowa Electronic Markets

$1.00 if the fed-funds rate target set at the FOMC meeting scheduled for January 31, 2006 is higher than it was the day after the December 2005 FOMC meeting; $0 otherwise