O Ambientalista Liberal - privatização das baleias

Privatize the Whales:

Allowing whales to be owned by individuals, groups or communities would be the surest way to ensure their continued survival. Owners could benefit from measures they took to protect their whales, whether for hunting, whale-watching or merely for the satisfaction of knowing they were protected. Just think of the numbers of whales that Greenpeace could ensure would never be hunted if it put all of the millions it spends on its propaganda campaigns into retiring harvest rights for whales or otherwise directly protecting them.

Privatizing whales may seem farfetched, but in fact the technological obstacles to an ownership program are rapidly disappearing. Back in the heyday of whaling, it was simply not feasible to exert ownership over living whales, but the whalers did construct an elaborate set of rules that governed harpooned whales. Readers of "Moby Dick" will be reminded of clearly marked harpoons that carried different rights of proprietorship over a whale depending on the speed of the current and the type of whale. In 1993, scientists tracked a single blue whale for 43 days over 3,200 kilometers (1,984 miles) based solely on its individual song. Other advanced technologies such as satellites and unmanned submersibles could be even more effective if given the chance.